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I make 25 just in case Zoho ID numbers get longer in the future...U mean to say that I add a field Zoho ID and on add row i fetch the parent zoho id in it After doing this how do we get all the data in the sub form for viewing and editing.A subform is a control designed for use on a power form or another subform.Although technically a control, subforms have some form characteristics as well.I dont want to give inbuilt edit function to users , but I want to make an update form where they chose the refrence no. You are currently viewing the Access section of the Wrox Programmer to Programmer discussions.

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Hi, The relation between the Subform and its parent form is implicit and does not need to be defined on a particular field.

Each subform represents one data view; that is, each subform control can have a single business view (BV) attached to it.

Power forms can contain several subforms, so a single power form with multiple subforms enables users to see multiple data views.

Dynamically populating a subform based on a lookup selection is not supported at this time, however you could open the edit record URL of the parent form in the lookup field's on User Input action so all subform records will be selected and available for editing.

An HTML View could be used to fetch and output records in whatever layout you require.

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