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The narrator and main character who begins her story at almost six years old.A rebellious tomboy, Scout has a fierce disposition toward any who challenge her, but at heart she believes in the goodness of people.This fact may contribute to the horror Aunt Alexandra had toward the improperness of Scouts everyday pants.In means of everyday activities, women were to attend church and were to wear her Sunday best, Aunt Alexandra's Sunday dress was described by Scout as “”.It was the main goal in a woman's life was to get married, and everything in their life led up to that.It was for this reason that a her reputation was the most important thing that a women can have, and were to follow the strict dating guidelines to protect it, which came to even including to never talk to a man lest you had been formally introduced. Like all proper ladies, Aunt Alexandra was an excellent cook, often hosted many gatherings and participated in both clubs and societies.A women's casual dress consisted of drab colors, hats and of course dresses, and most importantly, never wear pants.

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In 2013, the trust was adapted to follow a ‘non-political funding model’ to ensure a grant for a living artist by means of competition, inaugurating the annual art prize.rising action · Scout, Jem, and Dill become fascinated with their mysterious neighbor Boo Radley and have an escalating series of encounters with him.Meanwhile, Atticus is assigned to defend a black man, Tom Robinson against the spurious rape charges Bob Ewell has brought against him. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. The Lorck Schive Art Prize, Norway’s biggest accolade for a contemporary artist, is uniquely funded by the trust of Trondheim landowner Christian Lorck Schive.

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