Dating anniversary dates and meanings

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It is one of the two days a year a man is expected to be romantic (well, everyday they are expected to be romantic but let's not count our chickens before they hatch).

An anniversary is a day very similar to Valentines Day.

As a female knows to be romantic everyday of the year, on an anniversary is the perfect day for a man to go all out and makeup for everyday he was not romantic, all 363 days.

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In policies with a term that exceeds 1 year, the anniversary of the policy inception date.The anniversary rating date, or ARD, determines how changes to the rules and rates of the policy are applied.The premiums in some types of insurance policies, such as workers' compensation insurance, are governed by predefined rules, and may change over time.This specific date is referred to as the effective date.An anniversary rating date endorsement is attached to a policy only when the ARD is different than the policy renewal date.

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