1950s dating advice

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Considered as one of the most conservative decades in recent memory the 1950s were a time when technology underwent a dramatic evolution.

It was less than a decade after the second World War and science was in its element; technology that had only been postulated and pondered was suddenly becoming reality.

by discovering the true nature of the gods, man has been able to reproduce it." Mosaic law prohibits the use of automatons in religion.

Hermes Trismegistus would write "they have sensus and spiritus ...

Ladd continued as CHUM program director until May 1958 when he was replaced by Allan Slaight.

In 1960, Ladd was hired to do programming for WONE Pleasantville, New Jersey.

They consisted of one transistor, three resistors and one capacitor, a far cry from the tiny chip of today that can hold 125 million transistors. The first stored program computer This brings us to the very first stored program computer, EDSAC.

While sitting just outside the boundaries of the 1950s in that it delivered its very first computation in 1949, it was in the 1950s that modifications to this computer made history.

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